Safety of Seniors Event

Suncrest Hospice of Colorado-Pueblo, A Bristol Hospice Company, participated in the Safety of Seniors Conference sponsored by the Senior Resource Development Agency, hosted by Praise Assembly of God on Tuesday, September 17.

It was our great honor to present at this event attended by approximately 200 people in the community of Pueblo.  Suncrest Hospice Community Liaison, Richelle Lucero, spoke on the “Myths and Facts” of hospice.  Richelle received great feedback as to the education provided to the attendees.
Seniors received a warm welcome from Steve Nawrocki, Executive Director and valuable information from the Pueblo Police Department, the Alzheimer’s Association, Matter of Balance, Advanced Directives courtesy of 211 and a fun presentation by SRDA Lifeline. Our lunchtime entertainment was Rick Blessing, with a Frank Sinatra tribute.

What a fun filled day!  Suncrest Hospice of Colorado is so grateful to be a part of this wonderful conference. Thank you to the SOS Director, Gloria Brooks for all the hard work she and her team put into this event.

Bristol Hospice Companies: Serious about Compliance

Last month, the Office of the Inspector General released two new reports following its investigation into hospice care in the U.S. the NHPCO responded to New OIG Reports on Hospice Care with a press release stating that, “NHPCO welcomes the opportunity to shed a light on high quality providers as well as those that fall short in providing appropriate care.”

Suncrest Hospice of Colorado is a Bristol Hospice Company; at Bristol Hospice, compliance forms the backbone of the company. In light of these reports from OIG and NHPCO, we want to take this opportunity to share some of these compliance aspects which we consider makes us one of the “high quality providers”.

View the NHPCO’s OIG Report Response

View “More about Bristol Hospice Compliance”

Testimonial from Our Admissions Field Specialist

As an Admissions RN, I believe that placing a loved one on Hospice care is one of the most difficult decisions a family can make. Oftentimes families are faced not only with a sudden decline with their loved one, they can easily be shocked and overwhelmed with information during this time, not to mention facing increased expense, emotional turmoil, and having to maneuver through a myriad of options, questions, and decisions regarding Hospice care; this is where I come in.

I like to think of myself as a Hospice torch bearer, so to speak. When I admit a patient on to our services, that process lights a torch, a guiding light if you will, to our patients, families, and facilities. I carry that torch to our Team Members: the CNA, Nurse, Social Worker, Spiritual Care, and Volunteers, who in turn carry a piece of that torch, keeping it burning with the professional care, compassion, support, and resilience that makes Suncrest Hospice of Colorado stand out above the rest. I am very proud to be that initial torch bearer, to make what I hope is a positive first impression, developing a trusting rapport and building confidence in our clients, being that guiding light in the emotional darkness many families are confronted with.

I am very proud and honored to represent the face of Suncrest Hospice of Colorado, the first one who gets to come into families’ lives amongst the uncertainty regarding a patient’s decline and prognosis. I get to educate about our services, philosophy of hospice care & comfort, and how we can support this family now faced with the challenges and change associated with end of life; helping to answer some of the toughest questions regarding signs, symptoms, and how best to manage unexpected symptoms while maintaining the patient’s comfort through it all

This is the toughest and most challenging path I have ever been called to take, and I love it! Suncrest Hospice of Colorado has helped me achieve a level of skill, professionalism, and compassion in my nursing practice that no other company has been able to provide, and I am very grateful.  Suncrest Hospice of Colorado has a remarkable history of success, and I am very proud to be a part of that success.  Thank you!

Doug Christensen, RN
Suncrest Hospice of Colorado Admissions Field Specialist